Unity2Eclipse and Vuforia

With a  few steps you can use our plugin to swap a unity project + vuforia to Eclipse.

1.You need a working UnityProject + Vuforia.
2.Just follow our instruction to export it to Eclipse.
All you have to do now in Eclipse is:
3. Copy the QCAR folder from  Library
to your assets  folder from your custom Android project.

4. Add QCAR.jar and QCARUnityPlayer.jar to Java Build Path.
You find these at your Library Folder /plugins

5. Also copy both jar files into libs folder.

6. Now copy your Manifest from Library to custom Android Project.

7. At least clean and build your project “Project”–> “Clean” and “Project” –> “Build”.
In some cases you need to fix your properties. Just right click on both projects and select “Android Tools” –> “Fix Project Properties”.
Now choose “Run” –>”Run As” –>”Android Application” from the Eclipse menubar.


At the moment you have to do step 3 + normal export each time when you update your Unity project .