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  1. I’m currently using Unity2Eclipse to create a LWP, and I’ve come across a bug which I’ve also noticed in this demo LWP you’ve released.
    When you’ve got the wallpaper equipped already as your background, and you then go to wallpaper settings and apply the same wallpaper again, it results in either a black screen or it will freeze up the wallpaper for a while…
    Any idea what’s causing this, and how to prevent it? I imagine it’s an issue with running two instances of Unity at the same time?
    Thanks for your help. Loving the plugin so far!

      • It’s a shame! I don’t think I can release a Wallpaper into the Play Store while this bug is present :( I’ll be following your progress with this plugin and hoping that these problems will get ironed out in future updates.

        • Hello,
          It’s really incceptable to pay people $ 25 for a plugin that serves no purpose (beta version).
          it will be good if you make an update that fixes all the bugs.

          • unity2eclise is an eclipse project creator plugin – the current version is not beta. the LWP functionality part which we’ve added as a free goodie is experimental yet and will affect the price as soon as it gets final.

  2. Love this, only wish I could make LWP on unity3.5 and up, its really awesome, already bought it, thanks, keep us updated on the compatibility with 3.5 πŸ˜€

  3. Hi! I do not know much English. Google translator to help me.
    My questions are:
    1. Is there a way to run live wallpapers on android 2.2?
    2. Is there a way to implement settings for live wallpaper?
    3. I bought your plugin in the store unity. When a new version with support for yunity2elipse Unity 3.5. Free to be upgraded?

    Thank you! Your plug-in – great stuff!

      • Hello!
        1. I tried to run HDL HTC wildfire s. When viewing wallpaper crash bug. I changed the version of Android through the Project Properties-> Android-> checkbox to 2.2. Also changed the minimum version in the Android manifest.xml. Does not work.
        You can test yourself on Android 2.x? Perhaps the problem can be solved.
        LG L5 on all ok
        2. Please make a simple example of creating a manual setting for the live wallpaper. such as changing the background color or larger font size. To clearly understand how to interact with Aсtiviti Unityplayer.

        With love from Russia

  4. Hi, I just bought the plug, it look so amazing!
    and b4 I use, I wanna know that what time it can suppot for unity 3.5.* to export android lwp?(sorry my bad english)

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