Android Live Wallpapers with Unity3d

In the last blog post about creating Android Eclipse projects with Unity3d we introduced our Unity3d editor extension called AJUnity2Eclipse, which makes it possible to create an Android Eclipse project directly in Unity with one single click. During the nearly two weeks in the Unity Asset Store we collected some feedback and feature requests and there was one comment that was in particular quite interesting. One user suggested a feature to make it possible to create Android Live Wallpaper projects instead of a stand alone application project. We wondered if this is possible and did some testing on integrating the unity player into an Android Live Wallpaper Service. After facing some architectural problems and struggling with the event forwarding mechanism we in fact got it working!

Create Android Live Wallpapers with Unity3d and AJUnity2Eclipse

The latest version of AJUnity2Eclipse (available in the Unity Asset Store) provides an option to chose, wether you want to create a stand alone Android application or an Android Live Wallpaper! Please note that this is still an experimental feature that is roughly tested (with the Angry Bots demo that ships with Unity and some of our own projects) and currently only works with Unity3d version 3.4.

If you have any issues or suggestions, please send us feedback to! Don’t forget to mention your exact Unity3d and Android SDK version, this helps us with bug fixing and to improve AJUnity2Eclipse!

We hope you enjoy the new feature and would like to see some cool 3d Live Wallpaper in the near future! :-)

10 thoughts on “Android Live Wallpapers with Unity3d

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    • u2e is already compatible to unity 3.5.. the only one thing to do is to implement the live wallpaper functionality… 😉 sorry, i can not tell yet..

  2. OK, so I purchased unity2eclipse yesterday and I have Unity free 3.4.2 installed and I see that I need the Android module before I can proceed. Do I need to purchase the $400 module for Unity 4.0 and if so will it work with 3.4.2? Or is there some other way of getting the Android module?

    I want to create live wallpapers with this. Is it stable and can I make something that is going to run on most devices without any issues?

    Thanks, Peter

    • hi peter,
      you’ll have to ask the unity guys about the compatibility of the new module to 3.4.. but i don’t think that this is going to work..
      as mentioned in the asset store description the live wallpaper functionality is experimental yet – it works on a lot of devices but it may crash from time to time.

      • I got 3.4.2 from a forum post on Unity. Surely there must be a place to download the older Android module. Actually, can you tell me if it’s a module or just something that unlocks the Android build features in Unity. I have called and emailed Unity but no reply as yet. I will try their forum next.

        How would you go about setting up a new machine with 3.4.2 if you hadn’t already had a license?

        I dont mind if the wallpapers only work on a subset of devices. I got your halloween monsters one and it’s cool and works fine on my GS3.


        • i am not sure, but i think this is just some license unlock procedure that enables the android functionality – you’ll always get the full version when downloading the trail – some functionality will be locked later if you don’t license it. as far as i know you can run one license on two machines at the same time – if you need to move them to another computer you’ll have to do it in your unity online account..

          the monsters LWP is created by a unity2eclipse customer who sent us his link.. 😉

          • I got it sorted by clearing the free license on 3.4.2 and starting the pro trial on 3.4.2. After 30 days I will purchase the license for the Android module and possibly the Pro version of Unity. Just deployed my first wallpaper to my GS3. Now I have to get to work. Thanks for your input.

  3. Hi,

    I just purchased your extension. I’m using Unity 3.4.2, Mac OSX 10.8.2. When I select “Import” to import the extension I hear the standard Mac error ‘ding’ and nothing happens. The export option is not available in the “File” menu.

    I cannot seem to find the downloaded package either. Where is it stored?

    B.t.w, the ability to export to LWP is why I purchased this. If this was officially supported I’d be willing to pay a lot more than $25 for this extension.

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